Please follow the rules and regulations

1. Rooms are rented for hotel nights.
2. Hotel night is from 14:00 (2PM) until 12:00 (12AM) the following day.
3. If the Guest did not define time of stay, it is assumed that the room was rented for 1 hotel night.
4. Hotel reserves right to charge for renting rooms up front, at the day of arrival or to preauthorize credit card to ensure payment.
5. The guest should report to reception request of extending time of stay, as soon as it’s possible.
6. Szary Residence will accept request for extending stay only if available.
7. Not Checking out before 12:00 (12AM) will result in extra charge for the next hotel night. In some cases, if there is no possibility to extend the stay, Hotel employees are allowed to move guests belongings out of the room and clean the room, even without the guest being present. In that case there is no refund for extra night charge.
8. In case of checking-out before prepaid reservation period there is no refund for not used hotel nights.
9. It is required to present an ID with picture (passport) and signing registration card to check-in to Hotel.
10. Signing registration card means acceptation of this regulations (Regulations Szary Residence).
11. The guest is obligated to report to the reception any damage and lacks in equipment at the time of check-in. The guest might be charged for the damages and lacks of equipment if not reported just after checking in.
12. The guest will be charged extra 50 PLN for loosing magnetic key card to the room.
13. Hotel cannot check-in a guests, who do not accept this rules and regulations (Regulations Szary Residence).
14. Personal data provided by guests is being administered by „Szary” s.c. Elżbieta Szary, Mirosław Szary, Parkurowa 1 street, 32-091 Michałowice.
15. Processing of personal data according Data Protection Policy consistent with polish law, Act from 29.08.1997 about securing personal data and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to accomplish room renting agreement between Hotel and Guest.
16. Hotel needs guest’s separate consent to process personal data for marketing purposes.
17. Every guests has access to his personal data kept by Hotel, to update, modify or erase any information.
18. Szary Residence will provide services according to its category and standardization. All complaints should be reported to the reception as soon as possible. Hotel staff will do everything in their power to solve the issues.
19. Szary Residence is obligated to provide full and comfortable rest, safety during stay (including keeping information about guest in secret), professional service, room cleaning and maintenance services in the absence of Guest or in the presence of Guest only with Guest’s permission.
20. On Guest demand Szary Residence will provide following services free of charge: * giving information about hotel, stay and neighborhood, * waking up, * luggage storage, keeping personal belongings.
21. Towels and bedclothes are being changed on fourth hotel night or on demand, free of charge.
22. Szary Residence takes responsibility only for loss or damage of belongings left in reception deposit.
23. Szary Residence reserves right to deny taking into deposit belongings of high value, money, dangerous objects and bulky items.
24. Smoking and using e-cigaretes is forbidden in all areas of Szary Residence, under the fine of 1000 PLN and immediate eviction.
25. Pets are accepted in Szary Residence only under Guest’s care. Pets stay is charged extra 30 PLN / hotel night. This payment does not exempts from liability, also financial, for damages and contamination by pet, as well as for laud noises during the day and quiet time violation according to points 28, 32 and 38 of this regulations.
26. Szary Residence reserves right not to clean the room with a pet inside, if the owner is not present. That does not exempts from 30 PLN / hotel night charge according to point 25 of this regulations.
27. Szary Residence does not take responsibility for damages, loss of a car or other Guest’s cars parked on Szary Residence parking.
28. Guest takes liability, also financial, for all damages and lacks in equipment caused by Guest and his or hers visitor.
29. Every time when leaving the room Guest should double check if the door are closed.
30. The Guest cannot rent a room to third person, even if prepaid reservation period did not end.
31. People not registered in Szary Residence can visit only from 7:00 (7AM) until 22:00 (10PM). Breaking this rule will result in charging guest extra 200 PLN.
32. Using own alcohol and food in Hotel Restaurant, breakfast room and conference room is forbidden. Hotel staff is allowed to fine Guest who breaks this rule 1000 PLN and to refuse further service according to point 38 of this regulations.
33. Using own alcohol and food in Hotel common areas, especially hallway, reception, staircases, elevator, grill house is allowed only with Hotel Staff permission. Hotel staff reserves right to refuse Guest further usage of common areas without giving any reason.
34. Curfew (quiet time) is from 22.00 (10PM) until 6.00 (6AM). Hotel staff is allowed to fine Guest who disturbs quiet time 1000 PLN and to refuse further service according to point 38 of this regulations.
35. For fire safety reasons it is forbidden to use in rooms heaters and other electric devices not provided by Szary Residence. It is forbidden to use any open fire like candles, safety matches as well as fireworks, lasers and other noice and light generating utilities anywhere in Szary Residence Area. Violating this rule will result in charging 1000 PLN and imidiate eviction and terminating any remaining ordered services without a right to refound.
36. Personal belongings left in room will be sent back to the address provided by Guest, on his or hers expense. In case of lack such disposition left things will be kept at the reception for 3 months and then disposed.
37. Szary Residence reserves right to deny registration and any service of Guests previously breaking this regulations (Regulations Szary Residence) or/and whose behaviour, outfit, looks and sobriety deviates from socially accepted norms.
38. In case of breaking any point of Regulations Szary Residence, Hotel Staff reserves right to refuse further service and in some cases immediately evict misbehaving Guest, without any right to refound.
39. Because there are animals living in Horse Riding Club Szary nearby, it is absolutely forbidden to feed and touch horses. Violating this rule will result in charging 1000 PLN and imidiate eviction and terminating any remaining ordered services without a right to refound. Visiting stables and being close to animals are on Guests own risk, and Szary Residence takes no resposibility for any consequences of guests – animal contact.