DINNER MENU – 30 PLN/person

LUNCH MENU – soup, main course, water 30 PLN / person + dessert 9 PLN / person

Meals served, sets 6 to 9 are vegetarian. All desserts are available to every set.


Set 1

Brooth With Noodles

Chicken Fillet With Spinach In Cream Sauce

Boiled Potatoes, Mix Of Salads

Set 2

Tomato Cream With Croutons

Roasted Pork With Herbs Old Polish Style

Boiled Potatoes, Mix Of Salads

Set 3

Vegetable Soup With Croutons And Garlic-Herb

Old Polish Style Stew

Porridge With Herbs, Mix Of Salads

Set 4

Mushroom Cream With Herb Croutons

Roasted Pork In Gravy With Thyme

Baked Potatoes, Mix Of Salads

Set 5

Celery Cream With Croutons

Tagliatelle With Broccoli And Sun-Dried Tomatoes With Fresh Herbs

Set 6

Italian Cream With Herb Croutons

Penne In Cream Sauce - Mushrooms With Herbs

Set 7

Roasted Peppers Cream

Couscous With Grilled Vegetables And Herbs

Set 8

Green Peas Cream

Penne With Tomato, Arugula And Herbs

Set 9

Mushroom Cream Soup With Croutons

Pancakes With Spinach And Dried Tomatoes


Desserts 7 Pln

Apple Pie With Vanilla Sauce,


Tart With Seasonal Fruit