Szary Residence

High standard in the closeness with the nature!

  is a charming hotel situated on the picturesque hill ,
with wonderful view on nearby Cracow and surroundings,
just 150 metres away from route Cracow - Warsaw (S7, E77).

Szary Residence Hotel offers accommodation in 40 rooms for about 100 Guests. Inside the object as well as in all our rooms
a modern air-conditioning was installed
(with the possibility of the individual guidance), comfortable beds and many other conveniences
such as: coffee/tea sets, mineral waters, towels, toiletries and hairdryers.

Moreover in hotel is also fully-equipped conference facilities in which it is possible to organise event for up to 80 persons.

Szary Restaurant is having a good reputation among guests visiting her which are praising the delicious food and the original decor.

The chef Tomasz Niewiara is caring so that all dishes are prepared of fresh and healthy ingredients, in accordance with the motto
"in a healthy body, healthy mind."

They are additional advantages of our hotel:

- horse riding in KJK Szary

- mini zone wellness (gym, jacuzzi, sauna)

- Grill House and space for the bonfire

- possibility of walking in the nearby wood

- children's playground with the springboard

- personal trainings, the wine tasting, board games, a screening room and other attractions!

We are inviting!


New hotel

The hotel was built in 2015. Everything is modern and fresh, and we do our best to keep this freshness for you.

Professional Horse Riding Centre

We are the one and only hotel near Krakow with one of the most popular horse riding centres in Poland. Learn to ride a horse with us!

Free parking

We have a large parking lot available for free. Park your car or bus and we will keep it safe. The parking lot is monitored 24 hours a day.