We invite you to take advantage of the offer of trips organized to the Ojcowski National Park. For groups, we have tried and tested hiking and cycling tours - a few-hour-long trips to neighboring Gray Residence - Ojców, Pieskowa Skała and Prądnik Valley. In both cases it is possible to transport from the facility or meet on the spot in Ojców.

Bicycle tour

After meeting with a guide, we get on bicycles and go along the Prądnik Valley towards the Sąspowska Valley. Next, we drive up to the yellow walking trail that leads the forest to Słupianka Gorge (it must be noted that this route is run on pedestrian trails, which can also cause difficulties during the ride). Passing through the Gorge we go further towards the Castle in Pieskowa Skala. Then we drive past a majestic rock - Maczuga Herkulesa and we go to the Castle in Pieskowa Skała, where we will be guided by the guide accompanying us. We return to Ojców by the bottom of the Prądnik Valley with an asphalt road.


The price includes:


- guide

- bicycle rental (delivery to the starting point of the trip and pickup from the end of the trip),

- possibly transport from Gray Residence and back,

- accident insurance

- optional visiting the Castle, lunch, layette, campfire


Costs and program (route length, time, lunch, layette, transport) are set individually for each group. Prices range from PLN 100 to PLN 200 / person.

Walking tour

After about a 30 minute journey from the Szary Residence, we start the visit to the Castle in Pieskowa Skala - we will visit the museum exhibitions and then visit the nearby Hercules Club - a monumental rock formation. Then a short break for lunch and then a walk in Ojców. On the way, you can visit the Boroniówka Mill or get to the Ciemna Cave quite steeply. A longer version of the trip also includes the Łokietek Grotto (about 3 hours with the approach). At the end of the trip you can drive up to the Bat Cave or take a ride in horse-drawn carriages.

The options are many and each trip is created with the group's needs in mind - an expedition can be:
- longer or short
- more demanding or walking and recreation
- rich in sightseeing or more at ease with breaks for cold drinks and beer

Prices around PLN 60-120 / person.