Team Building - 7th Element Game


"7th Element" is a completely new formula of escape the room games dedicated to training and business groups. Teaches effective communication, team cooperation, selects leaders, creates a new and effective team building tool. The game can be played both in a closed space, that is our conference room or barbecue house or in good weather in the area.

"7th Element" is the only game of this type in Poland, based on the "escape the room" solutions, which allows you to perform tasks for a group of 10 and 80 people in one space at the same time!


▪ We divide participants into 5-6 person teams.

▪ Each team receives its magic box with tasks / magic box /.

▪ The chest is closed and contains a dozen or so various tasks.

▪ Their solution leads to finding a secret code to open small doors. Behind these doors there is a clue to the final task.

▪ The implementation of the final task requires cooperation of all teams


The time of the game may be adapted to the needs of the group, but on average the game lasts about 3 hours. Polish or English.


The price depends on the number of people - from 2500 PLN net / 10 people.