Dancing flames, fleeting sparks and a cosy warmth of a bonfire - you can experience this magic with us.


Cottage with barbecue and bonfire near Crakow in Szary Residence Hotel!


This is a unique place.


Combine the high standard of accommodation with original decor and closeness to nature

and organize a bonfire or barbecue!


More about our Grill Cottage:


- made of brick, year-round cottage with underfloor heating


- huge windows to each side provide air circulation in the summer and protect from cold in winter

and on the occasion allow you to admire the beautiful view


- seating for approx. 60 people + a place to dance


- huge grill with service


- full gastronomic offer for food and drinks


- fun until dawn!


Details and booking:


Multi-day stays:(group trips, company trips, school trips)

One-day events at the Grll Cottage:

Bartosz Radwan