Conference room with windows(possibility of the total blackout) in Szary Residence has 84 square metres, it is located on the ground floor.

It is equipped with modern equipment: slide projector, screen, flipchart, loudspeakers. wireless microphones, air conditioning and have access to the Internet.

Also a coffee buffet is located in the room.

The arrangements of the room depending on needs can be:

- cinema (only chairs, possible with the presidium table)
- conference (with the table in the centre of the room)
- mixed: the shared table or chairs to the lecture + exercise part with tables with chairs.



Also a rent of the room fitted with glass is possible at the restaurant - Winter Garden -


with the portable slide projector and the screen, but without the possibility of the blackout.


The room better is suitable for an organization of workshops, group work, integration than lectures with using the projector.














42 25  20 16 450


 84 80 40 40 900

Winter Garden

84 60 30 30 500


Coffee breaks           from 18 PLN/pp     - check the menu

Two-course lunches   from 30 PLN/pp     - check the menu

We are encouraging using the proposal of team building and integration.

Also a possibility of booking of the big space exists, in the café "above the stable" in Szary KJK.
There are seating for over 100 persons. A price of the rent is being ascertained individually.

  • Air-conditioning
  • Daylight
  • Wi-Fi
  • multimedia projector
  • screen
  • flipchart with markers