DINNER MENU – 30 PLN/person

SERVED DINNER- 30 PLN / person

In every set soup, the main course and still water.



Chicken noodle soup

Poultry fillet sous vide with spinach in a cream-herbal sauce

Boiled potatoes and a set of salads

Tomato cream with herb croutons

Pork ham baked in Old Polish style in herbs

Boiled potatoes and a set of salads

Vegetable cream with garlic and herbal croutons

Pork stew with mushrooms

Pearl barley with herbs and a set of salads

Soup with chickpeas and tomatoes

Poultry fillet sous vide in a sauce with green peas and thyme

Mashed potatoes and a set of salads

Mushroom cream with croutons

Pancakes with spinach with the addition of dried tomatoes

Cream of green peas, herbal croutons

Tilapia in cream and spinach sauce

Boiled potatoes

A set of salads




 Desserts +9 PLN / person :     


Apple pie with vanilla sauce


Panna cotta with raspberry sauce


Peach mousse with muesli


Carrot cake





Desserts + 12PLN / person:


Cheesecake with vanilla sauce

Apple pie with a scoop of ice cream to the warmth

Ice fantasy with nuts

Fruit mix with whipped cream


In every set soup, the main course and still water with lemon.


Cream of the celery, roasted petals of almonds

Salad with marinated beetroots, tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, shoots, pumpkin seeds, vinaigrette sauce

Cream of sweet potatoes with pumpkin seeds

Salad with pearl barley, marinated radishes, tomatoes, chicken sous vide,

black olives, cucumber, chilli, green parsley

Italian cream

Chicken breast sous vide, cooked vegetables, hummus, couscous


Fit dessert + 10PLN / person

Chocolate dessert with chia seeds and with almonds

Yoghurt pudding with chia seeds, raspberries and the banana

Cocktail of raspberries with the natural yoghurt, the banana, nuts and honey

Pear-yoghurt cocktail with pomegranate seeds and mint