Pub Quiz

We will prepare and conduct a quiz tailored to your expectations. The standard game lasts two hours and consists of 9 categories, each of them with 5 questions, a quiz and materials, we prepare consulting the organizers with topics and issues (sometimes related to the company, sometimes with the industry, sometimes with gossip from the office kitchen ... ) used for it, so that each participant had a good time.

In our quiz, in addition to the standard categories with questions, you will also find multimedia categories, including photos, short videos and music to enhance all the fun.

Categories can focus on various topics. We can create a quiz with general questions such as film, music or we can prepare categories with special questions selected by you (such as from the life of the company).
During healthy competition, the teams will have the opportunity to "think" collectively to find answers to the questions posed to them and to have fun together

The quiz takes place in groups, which favors integration and full cooperation. We know from experience that this form of fun provides incredible emotions such as excitement, positive surprise, curiosity.

Organization in a restaurant can be combined with wine tasting or integration party in a barbecue house.


The amount of fun depends on the number of people and the selected package, within the limits of PLN 25-40 / person.