Wellness Zone

The Szary Residence Hotel is located in the vast plot, on the picturesque hill. There is quite a lot of place for the walk, also all over forest.


Additional attractions:

- children's playground with the springboard,

- freely it is possible to stroll around the stable and to admire light-hearted horses,

- space for the bonfire and barbecue

- Zone Wellness, in which you will find Gym, Sauna and Jacuzzi.



Professional personal practices take place in our gym with our trainer - contact: Monika tel.: 509-879-094 or monika.fijas.bak@partprax.com


For your comfort and out of concern about of your things, we installed comfortable cupboards in the cloakroom, we have also separate dressing rooms for ladies and gentelmen and bathrooms.


The Zone Wellness is divided into two parts:

- Gym in which you will find the top quality equipment and many spaces for exercises,

- and the wet zone, i.e. the Sauna and the Jacuzzi.


It is worthwhile remembering to take flip-flops and swimsuit and towel with oneself.

For Guests staying in Szary Residence Hotel we offer special prices and free gym!

More information about carnets and entrance tickets.


Moreover our Szary Restaurant provides the top quality service and delicious dishes.

An addition advantage is glazed winter garden, surrounded of green.


It is the ideal place for the nourishing dinner or the sundowner!