Sauna and Jacuzzi

Sauna and Jacuzzi

Sauna and Jacuzzi


Finnish sauna reaches a temperature of 100 Celsius, recommended as a relaxation and medical treatment for adults. It has a positive effect on the improvement of blood circulation, cleanses the respiratory tract and strengthens the body's immunity. After visiting the sauna, you should relax in the jacuzzi or use the sun loungers.

A relaxing bath with bubbles in Jacuzzi is a recipe for a successful rest after a hard day. 

There are maximum 3 people allowed at once, so please book your relaxation in advance. 

Sauna and Jacuzzi - 60 minutes entry:
19 PLN / adult
9.5 PLN / child under 16

Wellness zone

  • Sauna up to 100 degrees Celsius
  • Bathtub with bubbles
  • Sunbeds for relaxation
  • Separate changing rooms (F/M)
  • 19 PLN / adult (60 minutes)
  • 9,5 PLN / children under 16 (60 minutes)
  • Maximum 3 people at once - reservation needed