Grill House

Grill House


Grill House is a perfect place for celebrations like birthdays, weddings or christening for max 50 people.The building is equipped with speakers, fridge for guests use, table football and toilet.

Floor heating system makes it possible to use it throughout the whole year. Instead of a hearth we can arrange a wide table on which there will be a cold buffet.

Grill House is rented only for organised parties and is not available for individual guests.

Chata Grillowa 2024

More about Grill House

  • building laid with stone, all seasons Grill House, with floor heating system and sound system
  • Big windows all around a building provide air circulation
  • sitting places for up to 50 persons + dancing space + tables and benches outside
  • hearth or buffet
  • celebration available to 3:00 am